Where Were You, My Son?

In a large apartment in Hungary during the death throes of communism, obedient Andor lives with his eccentric mother, Rebeka, a once-celebrated stage actress-turned-recluse. After years of coexisting in a love-hate relationship marked by routine.

Man in the Nude

It’s not everyday that Hungary produces gay films, so when they do, you most certainly pay attention. Despite the name, Men in the Nude is not just about gay men; it’s about the places we find ourselves in life and how we never know how we’ll deal with them until we’re put there.

VIKTORIA – A Tale of Grace & Greed

The Roma Viktoria leaves her home town of Budapest to earn the big money in Switzerland. Every night she finds herself as a prostitute in the back alleys of Zurich. Although surrounded by greed, fast sex and violence she also finds…