Two young brothers, neglected by their cold and uncaring mother, descend deeper and deeper into psychosis, with tragic consequences.

Andor brings home Eszter, a beautiful girl his own age. Her advances awaken Andor’s repressed desires, the depths of which prove shocking.

Viktoria a roma prostitute in the back alleys of Zurich surrounded by greed, fast sex and violence she also finds friendship, love and herself.

The story is simple; a married man meets a youth, and despite the growing passion the man feels, he watches as his life crumbles around him, because of this …

When Dennis Hopper asked him to shoot Easy Rider they knew the film was special, but didn’t realize it would win awards, become an influential, iconic movie.

At a dusty crossroads in the USSR, villagers surrender their possessions – a horse, a samovar, a goat – to the state. The train which takes them away brings to the village a physically and mentally handicapped woman.

Vilmos Zsigmond and László Kovács shot footage of the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 and then escaped to the US, where they sold the footage to CBS.

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